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services offered
  • Home Inspection
  • New home punch-out Inspections
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Wind Mitigation
  • Radon Testing
  • Mold & Air Quality Assessment
  • Lead-In-Paint Testing
  • Insurance Four Point & Roof Inspections
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • DHS FEMA Disaster Housing Inspections
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Property Management

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Our Services

We are truly a One-Stop Shop for all your inspection needs whether you're building, selling or purchasing a home, condo, town home, duplex or commercial property. I make the process of having the inspections completed as easy as possible without you having to coordinate several different inspectors at different times.  I provide on-site reports so there is no wait-time for you to review the inspection results. At the completion of the particular inspection, I will sit down with you and personally review any deficiencies found and answer all your questions. You will leave the property knowing exactly what the condition of the property is. My 33 page Home Inspection Report is specifically designed to document everything I inspect. I record all major component model numbers, serial numbers, brand and year of the component. I document in a Summary page all the noted deficiencies so there is no need to read through a multitude of pages to find out what's wrong. With your permission a copy of the Summary page is furnished to your Realtor.


Florida Property Inspection Services, Inc. is certified to conduct all the necessary inspections you would normally need to satisfy both your requirements as well as the Lenders and Insurance company requirements. Typically, when purchasing a home, you would need to complete a Basic Home Inspection, A Florida Wind Mitigation inspection and a Termite or WDO inspection. Should the house be an older property, you may also be required to conduct a Insurance Four-Point and roof certification inspection. Optional inspections would include Radon Testing, required for all FHA properties, a Mold Assessment and possibly a Lead-In-Paint analysis. WE DO THEM  OR ARRANGE TO DO THEM ALL! Need an Environmental Assessment of the property and adjacent land? I do that also. This is especially important for commercial properties. (See ENVIRONMENTAL section)


I adhere to the NACHI, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Residential Standards Of Practice as enclosed in each inspection report. (Link onto to view) I also utilize an Inspection Agreement which you should read carefully and are asked to sign prior to the inspection process. FPIS maintains a $2,000,000 level of General Liability Insurance. You may review all documents with the Inspector prior to commencing any work.


NOTE:  We are an Inspection company. In compliance with InterNACHI's Code of Ethics clause, ( I DO NOT solicit to repair any defective items nor contract with any firm to provide services for a fee. I offer referral businesses on your request only. I cannot provide cost estimates for repairs. I offer my PROFESSIONAL OPINION only.

Residential Inspection
We inspect all individual residential buildings, any age, size, new or old.

Commercial Inspection
We inspect commercial buildings to include office buildings, shopping centers, strip malls, schools, and stand alone buildings. We adhere to InterNACHI's International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. We also , in affiliation with Delta Environmental Corporation, perform Phase 1 Environmental Surveys with Environmental Data reporting. We are well respected in this discipline and are the choice of numerous organizations that require detailed and exact condition reporting. We have lately completed over 15 commercial inspections over the past few months, April - June 2017. We provide a complete user friendly Report with photos of all defects, past Permit information, Appraisal Information and recommendations for any potential buyer. As of August 2017, we now utilize a state-of-the-art drone for all commercial inspections that require detailed overhead photos. Want some referrals, simply ask us.

We perform a multitude of environmental services in compliance with the EPA, NRPP, AARST and State requirements. We are Nationally and State of Florida certified to conduct Radon Measurement, Lead-In-Paint testing, Environmental Surveys, Air Quality, Mold and all environmental testing services. We use only approved laboratories and therefore guarantee all our measurements are accurate and would legally be accepted in any Litigation or Arbitration Hearing should the need arise. Again, we also conduct Phase 1 environmental Assessments usually required for commercial properties. For testing radon, we adhere to the Florida Department of Health Statutes as well as adhering to AARST/NRPP protocols. We conduct Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae radon testing in conjunction with Phase 1 surveys. For multifamily buildings we follow the protocols as outlined in ANSI/AARST MAMF-2012.


Property Management

On a select basis, we do contract to provide a monthly service wherein we visit the property twice monthly to insure the property is secure, safe and without unforeseen problems. Simply put, we provide 'Peace-Of-Mind' to the property owner that the property is being taken care of. Part of our routine checks is insuring the plumbing, electric and HVAC are working properly. Also insuring the security of the home and completion of other concierge type duties the Client contracts for. During hurricane season, we affix any hurricane protection the home is supplied with. Pricing is variable dependent on property size, location and services rendered. Ask for details. Click on:  PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

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